My Friend Pedro Tips: How To Get S-Rank

Eating your 5-a-day not included.

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Released today (June 20th) for PC and Nintendo Switch, My Friend Pedro is a fast-paced and frenetic ride that is designed to keep players coming back to beat their high scores and make a dent on the leaderboards with a sturdy S-rank ranting.

That’s easier said than done, however. Not only do you have to get into Pedro’s rhythm, but there are other qualifiers that you ought to be aware of before you even attempt to crack the top ten. Coming from someone who had the #1 spot on the leaderboard for the game’s first level pre-release (it didn’t last for long), you’re going to be hitting your head against a brick wall again and again after you miss the record by inches or something just doesn’t go you way.

Here are some quick My Friend Pedro tips to help you on your way to that elusive S-rank.

1. Go bananas
First things first: You’re going to want to crank up the difficulty to Bananas (the game’s maximum difficulty) as it gets you a pretty damn chunky bonus 50,000 points to put towards your tally. Bananas is tricky, it giving you one health bar instead of three and no regenerating health, but it does love to give you health packs so the majority of the game is definitely doable without too much frustration.

2. Spin to win
Do not underestimate the value of the pirouette, especially as you will be playing on Bananas difficulty and can die in just a few quick hits — you’re invulnerable to bullets while pirouetting around. You should be spinning liberally when against more than one enemy, and if you can also get airborne and pull off the kill while spinning, that’s an added bonus for you.

3. Don’t let up
If you take a breather in My Friend Pedro, say goodbye to your S-rank. Your multiplier doesn’t last for very long at all, so you ought to keep the chain going by hitting single shots, which will momentarily pause the timer, before you then go for the fancy kill. In a similar vein, if there are two opponents within shooting range but one is further away, kill the one closest to you first, otherwise you may struggle to get to the next combat sequence with your multiplier still intact. If you lose your multiplier even once, say goodbye to a high score and maybe even an S-rank.

4. Don’t die
Yes, it’s incredibly obvious, but stick with me here. Similarly to getting a difficulty bonus, you also get a nice 20,000 extra points for not dying during a level of My Friend Pedro, which really can make all the difference. Additionally, your combo multiplier will die along with you, so you may as well just restart the level upon death.

5. Split your aim
Don’t overlook how important it is to split your aim in My Friend Pedro. Not only is it cool as hecking heck, but you get a nice combo bonus from shooting two people while dual-wielding. I’ve not checked to verify it yet, but I think that using two uzis rather than the beefier guns later in the game will give you a much juicier combo bonus thanks to split aim. Don’t quote me on that one, though.

6. Play like you’ve had too much sugar
This really ties in to a lot of the other S-rank tips I’ve already given, but it bears repeating: Don’t stand still, or go for the plain ol’ kill. You get meagre points for simply aiming and shooting a guy, so chuck in a jump or a spin to really spice things up. If you jump into focus, you can also pull of some neat flips and keep that momentum going easier. Don’t forget, either, that you get a decent bonus depending on how quickly you finish a level.

7. Utilise your environment
You’re all probably familiar with Pedro’s love for frying pans by now, the ability to kick one up in the air and kill a tonne of bad guys being one of the game’s selling points. However, that’s not all you can do. There’s also explosive canisters that blow off limbs on explosion, with those limbs then being kickable into faces. Walljumping is also rad, but with the right timing, you can actually springboard off of enemies themselves and get huge points for the kill.

From our My Friend Pedro review:

Even though its latter sections left me slightly jaded, they haven’t stopped me from going back through the earlier levels and constantly trying to get higher and higher scores: Something that I can see myself picking up as a hobby. My Friend Pedro is built to be obsessed over by speedrunners and perfectionists, and I can’t to see what kind of lunacy players can pull off.

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