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With the recent news about Re:Zero surfacing, the hype for isekai is rising once more. However, Re:Zero isn’t the only isekai to look out for. Mushoku Tensei: Season 2 is also coming, and way sooner too. By the beginning of July 2023, episodes will start arriving. If you’re need Mushoku Tensei: Season 2 episode guide to get the exact dates and times for every episode, you’ve come to the right place.

Mushoku Tensei: Season 2 won’t be arriving from another world but from another director. Manabu Okamoto, the writer and director for Parts 1 and 2 of Season 1 is being replaced by Hiroki Hirano. With that in mind, here’s the dates and times you need to keep in mind for Mushoku Tensei: Season 2.


Mushoku Tensei: Season 2 Episodes Release Dates

Mushoku Tensei: Season 2 episodes will air every Sunday (Europe, America) or Monday (Asia, Oceania), starting July 2 or July 3, 2023, depending on your timezone. This guide will use the Sunday dates for the episode list, which will apply to regions like Europe and America. July 2 is the date the producers used in the trailer and promotional material. It’s also the date that applies to most timezones.

Some leaks have stated Mushoku Tensei: Season 2 will have two cours, while others claim it to be three. It’s extremely rare for a seasonal anime to have three cours though. So for now, this guide will assume Season 2 will only have 24 episodes.

Episode 1: Guardian Fitz – July 2nd, 2023
Episode 2: The Brokenhearted Mage – July 9th, 2023
Episode 3: The Forest in the Dead of Night – July 16th, 2023
Episode 4: Abrupt Approach – July 23rd, 2023
Episode 5: Letter of Invitation – July 30th, 2023
Episode 6: Ranoa University of Magic – August 6th, 2023
Episode 7: I Don’t Want To Die – August 13th, 2023
Episode 8: The Kidnapping and Confinement of Beast Girls – August 20th, 2023
Episode 9: The Fiance of Despair – August 27th, 2023
Episode 10: TBA – September 3rd, 2023
Episode 11: TBA – September 10th, 2023
Episode 12: TBA – September 17th, 2023
Episode 13: TBA – September 26th, 2023
Episode 14: TBA – October 1st, 2023
Episode 15: TBA – October 9th, 2023
Episode 16: TBA – October 16th, 2023
Episode 17: TBA – October 23rd, 2023
Episode 18: TBA – October 30th, 2023
Episode 19: TBA – November 6th, 2023
Episode 20: TBA – November 13th, 2023
Episode 21: TBA – November 20th, 2023
Episode 22: TBA – November 27th, 2023
Episode 23: TBA – December 4th, 2023
Episode 24: TBA – December 11th, 2023

Get ready to spend the second half of 2023 with Rudeus and the rest of the gang. Well, hopefully, the Season 1 finale does see them splitting up. Guess you’ll have to watch and see.


Mushoku Tensei: Season 2 Release Times (Per Timezone)

The trailer for Mushoku Tensei: Season 2 doesn’t just reveal the date at the end but also the time. The first airing will happen at exactly 12:00 AM Japanese Standard Time (JST). However, you’ll have to wait an hour after it airs in Japan before you can watch it. That’s how long it takes for an episode to reach a simulcasting website like Crunchyroll. That delay is also why you’ll notice that the JST is one hour behind all the other times here.

JST – 12:00 AM (Monday)
ACDT – 1:30 AM (Monday)
PT – 9:00 AM (Sunday)
CT – 11:00 AM (Sunday)
ET – 12:00 AM (Sunday)
GMT – 4:00 PM (Sunday)
IST – 9:30 PM (Sunday)

There’s no need to use Demon Eyes to look into the future if an episode doesn’t come out at the exact time. When an episode gets delayed, most of the time it’s only for a few minutes. So, just relax and refresh the page a little later.


Where To Watch Mushoku Tensei: Season 2

Season 1 Parts 1 and 2 are available on multiple websites. To name a few, you can catch it on Bilibili, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and the Muse Asia YouTube channel. Although, depending on your region, you might need a VPN, as Part 2 is region blocked in some of these sites.

As for Season 2, Crunchyroll has already announced that they’ll be simulcasting it. Muse Asia released a PV for Season 2 on their channel and said they will be releasing broadcast information soon.

There hasn’t been any news about the other streaming services, but don’t rule them out just yet. The services that have Season 1 will likely also have Season 2.

If you’re looking for more details about Mushoku Tensei: Season 2, here’s all you need to know about it. Cultured Vultures has you covered if you want to know more about the plot or even which studios are making Season 2.

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