Mods Now Available For Cities: Skylines On Xbox One

Cities Skylines

Paradox Interactive, publishers of the popular sim management game Cities: Skylines, have announced that mod support will be available today for the Xbox One version of the game as part of a free update. If you felt like your city could do with more hamster statues or alien invasions, you’re in luck.

In a post on the Paradox Interactive forums, Sandra Neudinger, Product Manager at Paradox Interactive said the following: “We’ve been working together with Tantalus to see if there was a way to bring mods to our console players that was as enjoyable as it has been on other platforms, and with help from the Xbox team, we’re ready to let our fans give mods a try in Cities: Skylines. If things keep going well, we’re eager to see which mods may appear in the future as we keep testing and working on this content!”

Of course, if you’re a PS4 player, it might be hard to escape the feeling like you’re being left out in the cold. Though Paradox haven’t committed to anything concrete, they’ve said they’re working on a solution: “We will of course keep looking at solutions for our players on PS4 as well, these things are complicated (as proven by the time this has taken us), while we can’t make any promises on if and when right now we of course want to bring all possible content to all of our players!” Maintain a cautious optimism; that’s our advice.

Will you be making use of the new mod support in Cities: Skylines? Sound off in the comments below, and check out our coverage of Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operation Chimera going live on PC.

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