Microsoft Pulling The Plug On Groove Music, Partnering With Spotify

In news that will likely come as no shock to anyone with common sense, Microsoft have announced that they’re mercy killing their Groove Music platform in favour of partnering with Spotify. If you can’t beat the music streaming service juggernaut, join it.

The Spotify app has only been available on Xbox One since August, but is a platform used by millions to stream music. Groove Music never reached that level of success. Killing off Groove Music seems like the right move, and hopefully it will allow Microsoft to focus on more important and worthwhile ventures. Exclusive games, for instance. That’d be real fucking swell.

After December 31st, the Groove Music Pass subscription will be discontinued and you will no longer be allowed to purchase individual albums, but the app itself will remain as a player of local or OneDrive stored music. The Spotify/Microsoft partnership will also allow Music Pass subscribers to export their curated playlists to Spotify. So at least there’s that. You only have until January 31st 2018 to make that transition though.

If you’re a current Groove Music Pass subscriber, firstly hello. I don’t believe I’ve met one of your kind before. Secondly, if you have any issues with this development, Microsoft have issued an FAQ answering many questions you might have. It doesn’t go into detail about refunds though, so if you’re affected, it might be worth chasing things up with Microsoft’s Support Team.

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