Jesus Wept, Konami Actually Made Metal Gear Pachinko

Metal Gear Pachinko

When they aren’t busy mistreating their staff and tarnishing the company’s storied reputation, Konami’s new favourite hobby seems to be dragging their franchises through the mud. They made Silent Hill pachinko (pretty ballsy after the P.T. debacle) and Castlevania for reasons with there also being a running joke that Metal Gear Solid would get the same treatment.

Well, they did it. They actually fucking did it.

As expected, Metal Gear fans aren’t happy that Snake Eater is being turned into a pachinko machine. Who can blame them? Using one of the most emotionally-charged moments of the entire series as the centerpiece to make people gamble more is yucky as fuck.

I give up on you, Konami, just like you gave up on yourselves. Please just stick to churning out a new PES every year and jump in the fucking bin.

h/t: Jim Sterling

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