Meet the Vultures: Cassie Parkes

Cassie Parkes

Hey, Cassie! How are you? What was the last thing you ate and what would you rate it out of ten?
The last thing I ate (whilst waiting for LoL games to load) was a big bowl of greek yoghurt and walnuts. I usually have honey with it but we ran out so I tried with lemon curd instead–surprisingly tasty! Solid 8/10.

What’s your favourite video game?
That’s an insanely hard question! I’d have to spend days breaking it down into genres and platforms! Argh…okay, if we’re going with “game that first popped into my head”, I’d have to say Dragon Age. But don’t ask me which one. Portal, Skyrim and Animal Crossing are up there though. And Overwatch, obviously. And TF2…and I’ve been playing a lot of LoL recently…

What drew you to CV?
I was trying to find a site which would a) pay me and b) not force me to write about things I had no interest in. My friend sent me a link to a CV advert that was asking for more gaming writers, so the timing was pretty great. I’ve been here since last November and I’ve enjoyed every second.

Where else can we find you?
I’m @cassieparkes on most social media, including Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. For more writing-y/work related things (and to see my CV/resume), you can head on over to my portfolio where you can take a look at my journalism, prose, scripts, interactive fiction, social media management and more.

Who would win in a fight: a kangaroo with one punching hand or a crocodile missing half of its teeth?
Hm, probably the croc. I know it’s missing half of its nashers, but crocodiles have insanely strong jaws, so I think it could drown the kangaroo pretty easily, even if it couldn’t bite it to death.

Oh! I just realised I missed The Banner Saga off of my favourite games list. And Professor Layton…oh, and Okami…

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