Lucio Had The Highest Win Rate During the Overwatch Uprising Event

Let's drop the beat!

Blizzard have just revealed some statistics from the recent Uprising event, which includes the revelation that Lucio had the highest win rate throughout all of Uprising.

You can view the full list of statistics here, which includes things such as win/loss ratio, most picked characters, quickest completion times and more.

Overwatch stats chart showing that Lucio had the highest win rate

The idea that Lucio had the highest win rate was rather a surprise to me–I always found him quite ineffective during the event and preferred either Ana or Mercy for more targeted healing, but perhaps there’s just a whole bunch of pro Lucio players out there who are putting me to shame.

Also, disappointingly, Null Sector technically beat the Overwatch team in terms of win/loss ratio alone, with the bots clocking in over 78 million victories, compared to Overwatch’s 67 million. A lot of this probably comes from the Legendary games though, where the win rate was a tiny 0.6% average.

Did you enjoy the Uprising event? What do you think your own personal stats would look like–was there a character you played a lot, or a skin you really loved? Let us know in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, check out our interview with Lucio’s voice actor, Jonny Cruz. 


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