Looks Like No Man’s Sky Is Releasing On Xbox One In June

No Man's Sky

What would release date speculators do without European retail listings? It’s quite common for them to accidentally reveal release dates for games before publishers and developers are ready, and sometimes even reveal yet unannounced game.

While No Man’s Sky isn’t exactly a new game, its arrival on Xbox One also coincides with it basically becoming closer to Hello Games’ original vision than ever. No Man’s Sky NEXT will supposedly bring with it wholesale changes and additions, so it’s worth looking forward to for anyone wanting to give the game a second chance.

According to Amazon Italy (as discovered by IGN), No Man’s Sky will release on Xbox One on June 29th. Here’s the screenshot and then the translated version:

No Man's Sky Xbox One

No Man's Sky Xbox One English

Hello Games did initially say that the game would release this Summer, which this release date seems to verify. The Xbox One X version of the game will come with full 4K and HDR support along with all the content added over No Man’s Sky during its PC and PS4 lifespan, though there’s no concrete news on what NEXT will bring to the table.

If you’re unfamiliar with No Man’s Sky, it was, erm, polarising. Many players thought it would be something that it wasn’t, not helped by Hello Games head Sean Murray seemingly lying during interviews. While later updates have significantly improved the game’s reputation, it’s going to be interesting to see what NEXT does to convince the cynical.

UPDATE: No Man’s Sky is listed as a July 27th release on Amazon UK and a July 31st release in the US. I don’t know who to believe.

No Man's Sky Xbox One UK

No Man's Sky Xbox One US

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