Let’s Examine the Footwear of Folk Fans


Apparently, according to a lot of legit sources – The Daily Mail, Yahoo, our friends at parties after a few drinks – you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they are wearing. We all know this is mostly true, of course; if someone comes into your life wearing cowboy boots and doesn’t also have a horse, a Stetson and live in 1870, that is probably someone you mostly want to avoid.

Bearing this in mind, we spent a very enjoyable time at Sidmouth Folk Week watching our fellow attendees have the time of their lives and taking sneaky photos of their shoes. It isn’t as weird as it sounds, trust us. If you attended Sidmouth Folk Week, perhaps you made our star gallery right here on this very page. If you didn’t take a look and see if you’d fit right in with this wonderful bunch of oddballs. Who knows – maybe you and your trusty feet prisons will make the line up next year…

Who said that comfort is the price of fashion? A music fan to the core, these feet stayed put for a whole four hours. A wait this long was well worth it, as a front seat for Show Of Hands was theirs!

Tenacity is this couple’s name of the game, that and snap. Dancing in torrential rain wearing knee length waterproof ponchos and beaming grins, AND in matching socks and sandals no less. We bow to their hardcore folk spirit.

The highest proportion of ‘youths’ ever to be encountered in a week saturated in free bus pass holders. This is NOT a week for moshing; these folk week attendees pranced and twirled the night away accompanied by the faint jingle jangle of Morris bells purveying the air. The wellies and walking boots prove that a climb up a literal mountain in the pouring rain is nothing to these guys.

The highest proportion of free bus pass holders to be encountered at Folk Week, accompanied with sensible shoes for a long day folking. A VERY EARLY lecture on George Butterworth shows these old dogs want to learn new tricks. Fascinating and in our humble opinion, something the young dogs should have attended.

The River Sid: the unsuspecting home of complete and utter madness. A ceilidh containing less steps and more splashing. In short the life AND SOUL of Sidmouth Folk Week. Kudos to these sensible dancers in Crocs, boots and good old bare feet. We can’t say the dancers in Converse had such a good time.

If you own a pair of featured feet, you should be proud of yourselves, for you represent the very best that folk people have to offer. We are still in mourning for a pair of espadrilles that did not manage the week, rookie error that they were, but never mind! How about we all get together and do it again next year? (But next time, we might have to ditch the flimsy pieces of canvas)

Written by Cat Tarrant

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