The Last of Us: Part II Announced at PSX 2016

The Last of Us Part 2

In a fairly ‘drop the mic’ moment, Naughty Dog just unveiled a sequel to the insanely beloved The Last of Us at Playstation’s PSX conference.

The teaser gives away surprisingly more than expected, and slowly reveals an older Ellie than from the first game. She’s playing the guitar while singing a notably sombre song, and the camera shows how battered and worn her body is from living in this apocalyptic world.

We’re then shown a silhouette approaching the dilapidated building that Ellie’s sat in, who is – shocker – revealed to be Joel from the first instalment. Murdered corpses are briefly glimpsed, before Joel confronts Ellie and asks her: “You really gonna go through with this?” To which she replies, “I’m going to find…and I’m going to kill…every last one of them.”

Sinister stuff.

Nothing more is known for now, such as a release date, but I’m guessing a late 2017 release would be likely. Based solely off how much I enjoyed the first title, I’m pumped to learn more about what Naughty Dog plans on doing with the sequel.

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