Justice League: 5 Things We Want to See

Justice League 2017
Justice League 2017

Superhero season is beginning to hit its stride in 2017. By the time we get to see Justice League, we would have already seen the solo offering of Wonder Woman, as well as the efforts from that noisy neighbour across the pond.

The DC movie universe is at a point now where they really have to stamp their authority. Wonder Woman looks like a great summer outing, so if Justice League can live up to its potential, it may finally make those at Marvel sweat a bit. Let’s get into the things that we would love to see in Justice League.


1. Moments To Shine

Justice League
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This is always a problem with an ensemble film: How to give everyone on the team their own moment to shine? While narratively we know the story will probably follow Bruce and Diana’s attempt to gather a team to take on the incoming threat.

The film must make it clear that everyone on the team is critical to the success of the mission. If one was to fall, the rest would follow. Having the newcomers be just as effective as the DC trinity will only help to ensure the Justice League is a force to be reckoned with.

While we’ve already seen Batman and Wonder Woman be badass in their own right, to see them interact with the other members of the team will be a joy to watch. It already looks like Barry Allen is a major fanboy of Batman, I mean, who wouldn’t be?

With Aquaman and Cyborg making their live-action debuts on the big screen they must make sure to give them a memorable outing. The small interactions between Arthur Curry and Bruce already look to be filled with tension but also humour. Oh, and the fact that Aquaman ends up riding on top of the Batmobile.


2. A Compelling Story

Justice League 2017

Since the journey to the Justice League has taken a slightly more rushed approach to setting up the team, the story behind this film is even more crucial than usual. While no one is expecting a masterpiece in storytelling, we should get an intriguing team dynamic, a worthy threat, and a resolution to make our heroes better for it.

This will, of course, provide more opportunities to build and develop the DC universe on the big screen. While first and foremost a good story is the priority, the chance to allude to even more characters or possible storylines in the future is a very exciting prospect.

A personal favourite of mine would be an adaptation of The Tower Of Babel storyline. I doubt the seeds for this will appear in this first Justice League film, but it’s always exciting to think of the plethora of storylines we could see in the future.


3. A Worthy Foe

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All signs are pointing to bearer of the omega beams for this instalment. The big man himself, Darkseid, looks to bringing an army to face our heroes in their first outing. Quite the opponent for this early in the series.

In terms of strength and power he is certainly a match for the Justice League, with really only Superman able to go toe to toe with him. However, in terms of personality and charisma he isn’t top of list.

Maybe the league will try to take him on one by one and realise they are outmatched. This will give them a good reason to join forces and take him down for the finale. Or to create even more tension we could have all the league fail. This would then pave the way for a triumphant and satisfying return of the boy in the blue and red.


4. Humour

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When the DC film universe started it was pretty clear they wanted to set themselves apart from the humorous themes found in the Marvel movies. However, while it’s fine to go for a more serious and dark approach the lack of humour has been a criticism for DC.

It is pretty clear from the apparent re-shoots to Suicide Squad, and the trailers for Wonder Woman and Justice League that they have listened to the complaints and are inserting more light-hearted moments into their films.

The trick is to find the balance between the two. Marvel have critics themselves by having too much humour at times. Out of the two companies, DC is certainly ahead when it comes to darker themes and stakes for its heroes.

Audiences do want to see their favourite heroes having a good time, just at the right times of course. Already we can see that the dry wit and one-liners from Bruce are a clear sign of what DC is trying to do.


5. Return Of The Boy In Blue

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
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DC have wisely kept any indication of Superman being in this film hidden from the trailers and other marketing material. The ending to Batman v. Superman had the apparent death of the Kryptonian at the hands of Doomsday.

A big shock to viewers at the time has left everyone wondering how, when, and what will Supes return as in Justice League. Some interesting theories have been floating around, including one theory of an evil Supes returning under the influence of Darkseid.

However the Man of Steel returns, it will be sure to play a pivotal role in the story. Another element that would be great to see is the interaction between Supes and the rest of the League. Being the glue that keeps the team together, he has always been able to bounce well off any character.

We all want to see the brotherly rivalry between him and Bruce, the obvious tension between him and Wonder Woman, and what I’m sure will be more than a few jokes shared between Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman.

Whatever direction the Justice League takes, we can only hope they deliver on something that has been wanted by the fans for decades. Oh, and a watchtower in space would be amazing!

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