Jinder Mahal Unhindered As New No. 1 Contender For WWE Championship

Pinch yourself all you want, this is real. Jinder Mahal is the new no. 1 contender for the WWE Championship.

Hands up if you saw this coming. Okay, now put them down because you’re lying. Jinder Mahal is the new number one contender for the WWE Championship.

Yes, Jinder Mahal, the guy who was Gronked less than a month ago. The guy who is not on Finn Balor’s Christmas card list. The guy who once charmed a sock snake on live television.

How did this happen? On last night’s Smackdown Live, Jinder Mahal took part in a six-pack challenge to determine the new number one contender for Randy Orton’s WWE Championship, a match that Sami Zayn looked like the easy favourite to win. With interference from The Bollywood Boyz (you know they’re legit when it’s a Z instead of an S), Mahal pinned Zayn to loud mumbles of indignation.

We then clambered into a time machine to take us back to 2003 WWE, where non-white, non-Christian wrestlers rallied against the crowd with outdated rhetoric.

Randy Orton then came out and looked as confused and bored as the rest of us, though the latter has applied to Randy generally for years. He will face off against Jinder at Backlash in what’s sure to be an excit– terrible. It will be terrible. Randy needs amazing talent to make his watches anywhere near interesting, and although Jinder is a solid worker, he’s not at the level needed.

I’m all for underused talent getting opportunities, but Jinder Mahal? Jinder Mahal? The Jinder Who You Shall Not Hinder? The Mahal of Fame? Guys like Luke Harper and Sami Zayn are surely at the front of the queue, so Mahal being pushed from the back to the front is seriously confusing. He got Gronked, people.