Jamie T is Back with a Mellow Bang

Jamie T 2014

Jamie T 2014

Jamie T has a new song out and it’s not the ‘Sheila‘ you were expecting.

The new song is a warning shot for his forthcoming album, don’t get too excited as there’s no definite release date yet.

What we do have though is the fantastically solemn and gentle ‘Don’t You Find‘, out July 21st. The slowed down tempo and space in the song is not uncommon from Jamie T, but to lead with this as the first single, and therefore the first song we’ve heard from him in 5 years, is a telling way to reintroduce himself. Much more ‘Emily’s Heart‘ than ‘If You Got The Money‘, it gives us an insight into how he wants to be perceived and may be hinting to the shape of his upcoming album.

The song is pondering, the guitar is par-muted and quiet, the vocals are held back and at times dusted with effects – notice the pitch shifting and the distortion at the end. It has all the hallmarks of Jamie T’s eclectic tastes and unique ear for instrumentation.

Whatever I write will never do it a true service, so go and listen to it again, again and again. Then listen to his two albums; trawl for his B-sides on YouTube and pray to God that the new album will be out this year.

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