Is CM Punk Coming To WWE 2K24?

Did somebody say money-maker?

CM Punk
Source: WWE

UPDATE February 27th: CM Punk has been confirmed as DLC in the game.

ORIGINAL STORY: Dunno if you heard, but apparently this guy called CM Punk made his WWE return in 2023.

Naturally, with WWE 2K24 and its many editions now confirmed for a March release date, attention has turned to the roster and more specifically, whether CM Punk will make his WWE video game return. Having not appeared in a WWE licenced game since WWE 2K15, CM Punk is one of the most hotly requested and downloaded wrestlers amongst community creations. It would be silly for WWE to pass up on the chance of getting Punk scanned in for his virtual comeback, potentially making him the shining star of the pre-order bonuses or even the headlining DLC pack.

WWE 2K are not shy when it comes to digitalising debutants and returnees. In previous years, WWE has managed to scan and model the likes of Cody Rhodes, Bray Wyatt and other wrestlers who have either returned to or signed with WWE as they approach release season. 2K has the chance to build a very lucrative DLC around Punk, especially once he has officially made his return to the WWE squared circle.

CM Punk will definitely be one of the most played wrestlers on the roster should he be included. Many wrestling fans have plenty of dream matches on their minds that they want to see manifested in front of their very eyes. Punk’s inclusion could even be considered to be up there with the 2K debuts of Sting, Goldberg and Kurt Angle from previous instalments.

CM Punk
Source: AEW

There’s absolutely no doubt that if CM Punk was to be one of the first DLC characters to be confirmed by 2K, then a tonne more money would be thrown at the enhanced editions of 2K24 that includes the DLC season pass. Fans are going to want to get their hands on Punk ASAP, and with the only pre-order bonus currently being a Cody Rhodes themed Nightmare package, it’s more likely than not that he will be one of the first few DLC packs given away.

Regardless, 2K need to get him into the game sooner rather than later. Punk is a hot commodity whichever realm he appears in and that includes video games. His inclusion in both AEW Fight Forever and EA UFC 2 made for big buy rates, even if he was one of the worst fighters on the roster for the latter. If WWE fans were made to wait another whole year for an official CM Punk model, then I suspect DLC buys will plummet massively. Should that be the case, then keep an eye on the community creations pages in the first few hours of the game hitting stores.

We will continue to report on CM Punk’s inclusion in WWE 2K24, as well as the rest of the game’s roster, as and when details are revealed.

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