Is Capcom Working On A New Onimusha Game?

Onimusha movie
Source: Emuparadise

The problem with closing on weekends is that we sometimes miss stories. However, seeing as how this is Onimusha we’re talking about and that Onimusha always needs to be talked about, we’re still going to cover the possibility of Capcom possibly doing something with the IP again.

Courtesy of ResetEra member AAMARMO, Capcom were busy filing multiple trademarks for Onimusha at the start of April, which were discovered on EUIPO as well as WIPO.


There’s absolutely nothing specific here, just the name of the brand and that’s it. Capcom may just be looking to keep their trademark fresh, but with their penchant for remasters in this generation, it’s kinda wild to think they haven’t given Onimusha second bite of the chair.

Onimusha was never the biggest-hitter for Capcom, but it certainly had an audience. Its first three games are what people remember the most before it lost its way somewhat with Dawn of Dreams and ended up flopping, which has most likely led to this over a decade of silence for the franchise.

While the most likely of hopes rest on a remastered collection, a new Onimusha game in the mould of Nioh would absolutely go down well. Onimusha was always known for being a challenging game, so if you wrap that up in action-RPG trimmings and bring back Jūbei Yagyū then you have a winner right there.

Personally, I’d love to see something more in keeping with Onimusha 2, arguably the most essential but sadly forgotten PS2 game ever released. The teamwork mechanics in that were basic as hell but still great, so imagine what they could do with it now. Heck, maybe they could take a leaf out of the Monster Hunter book and have you team up with your friends online to take down demons. Come on, Capcom. This writes itself.

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