INTERVIEW: Mark Stegbauer on Making Comics For All Ages

Ghoul Scouts #1 comics cover art

We recently chatted with Mark Stegbauer, comic creator whose work includes all-ages titles Ironclad (Committed Comics) and Ghoul Scouts (Action Lab), to find out a little more about his work and his thoughts on the comics industry in general.

Could you tell us a little about Ironclad? What’s it like inking for such a unique-sounding title? 
Ironclad is the story of Max Clad who while spending summer vacation with his dad, becomes connected to an alien battle suit and has to defend the planet against the aliens who want their suit back. It comes out from Committed Comics this spring.
It was a really fun time inking this book. Gregg Paulsen really put his heart and soul into this book and did some of the best pencils of his career.  He really drew some great action in this story.

Could you tell us about Ghoul Scouts? It sounds like a lot of fun to work on: are all ages focused projects something you’re passionate about?
Ghoul Scouts is the story of a bunch of misfit Scouts who band together to save their town from a zombie uprising. If you like movies like the Goonies, Stand By Me and Monster Squad, then you’ll like this book. The second volume involves a werewolf terrorizing the town and the kid’s work to find out who it is and stop it.
I really love working on all ages books. I want to make books that everyone can enjoy, no matter how old they are.

Do you have a preference between inking and other roles such as pencilling, colouring or lettering?
I started off as an inker in the biz, and have only been pencilling the last few years. I really enjoy inking other artists’ pencils as it really becomes a collaboration and you develop a really cool synergy with people. But as a penciller you also get to work with great writers and create cool stuff as well.

What do you love about comics as a medium? How do you feel about the industry in general?
I love comics! I’ve been a fan since before I could read, and to be able to follow my dreams and draw them is pretty awesome. I think the industry is better than it has ever been. The diversity of titles is amazing but I still feel that there should be many more POC and women in this industry in all aspects of the business. But whatever you like, comics has it, and if it doesn’t then you can always create it yourself. Comics can be a wonderful thing, but too many people seem to want to disparage folks who don’t like what they like. I feel people should support what they like and let be what they don’t.  Comics are entertainment, so let yourself be entertained!

You can find out more about Committed Comics and Action Lab Comics on their official sites. Mark is on Twitter @markstegbauer, and you can check out his own website by clicking here.