How Long Is Bloober’s The Medium?

Good news: you can probably get it smashed in a weekend.

The Medium

The Medium, the new horror game from Bloober Team, is out January 28th on PC and Xbox Series X | S (and will be available via Xbox Game Pass), but if you’ve got a huge backlog and are wondering if you’ve got the time to devote to a brand new horror game, we’ve got you covered.


How Long Is A The Medium Playthrough?

For a standard playthrough, The Medium will take around 6 hours to complete. There are no difficulty settings for the game, and no side quests to engage in, so it’s a pretty linear journey from start to end. A couple of the puzzles might give you a bit of trouble, but there’s nothing too hard to worry about in the game.


The Medium Collectibles

There are optional collectibles to find, like postcards, memories and Echoes of characters in the game, and while most can be found on the standard path, there are a few which require some digging through the nooks and crannies. Searching for these collectibles in order to obtain the achievements tied to them will take you a bit longer, especially if you’ve already finished the game.

There’s no chapter or level select, and no manual saves either, meaning you’ll only be able to load up your most recent autosaves. Simply put, if you’ve finished the game but missed an achievement, you’ll need to finish the game again, but thankfully you can still skip cutscenes and most dialogue, allowing for a much quicker, speedrun-esque playthrough.

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