Horror Game Quantum Error Confirmed For Xbox Series X

The Series S version is unconfirmed, however.

Quantum Error

Developers TeamKill Media have announced that their upcoming horror game Quantum Error is coming to the Xbox Series X. The news was announced via the above trailer.


What Is Quantum Error?

That’s a good question, because I hadn’t heard of it before today either. Quantum Error is a first person horror game that sees players take on the role of Capt. Jacob Thomas, a member of the Garboa Fire Department in San Francisco, who answers the emergency call of a fire at the off-shore Monad Quantum Research Facility.

Naturally, as any research facility dealing in something “quantum”, the experiments have gone horribly wrong, leading to an otherworldly entity ransacking the place. What starts out as a simple rescue mission quickly becomes a fight for your very survival.


Where And When Can I Get It?

Currently, Quantum Error is only confirmed for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, with a release window of late 2021 for both platforms. Originally, Quantum Error was only announced for the PS5, so today’s announcement is a little out of the blue. That said, the developers have clarified in the comments on YouTube that they’ve “always been open to more platforms”.

This open-minded approach also means that we could see the game on PC at some point in the future, as in the comments, the developers state that a PC release is “very possible”. There’s even a sunglasses emoji next to that reply, so you know they have something planned.

As for the Xbox Series S, this is where things get a bit more dicey. In another reply, TeamKill Media respond to the question of a potential Xbox Series S release with the following: “It will depend on how development goes. We will find out at a later date.”

This response is a bit unusual, considering that Microsoft have been adamant in the past that any game coming to the Xbox Series X will also arrive on the Series S. It’s possible that TeamKill Media don’t want to commit to any announcements yet, considering they’re a small development team who might not have even gotten hands on with the Series S yet, but it’s not a rousing endorsement for the potential of the Series S on the same day that the console is available for pre-order.

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