Hitman Episode 5: Freedom Fighters Release Date Revealed

Hitman Freedom of Fighters

Agent 47 is up against an army in the USA next week for Hitman Episode 5, titled ‘Freedom Fighters’.

Agent 47 must surely be racking up the air miles. Since March of this year, he’s travelled halfway across the world, killing men and women alike for cold hard cash. Next week sees him travel to the Colorado Rockies, to kill four people who are based at a private militia compound. This is a very different setting from the previous four locations. Before there were chances to blend in with civilians, and areas where it wasn’t suspicious for you to be hanging around. In the Colorado compound, everybody will have a gun. If you are caught doing something you shouldn’t, there won’t be mercy. Guards will immediately hunt you down, so you will have to use all of the murderous skills you have been honing for the past six months.

This isn’t going to be a holiday like Sapienza. As soon as Agent 47 steps foot into the compound, people are going to want to kill him. Hans Seifert, Studio Head at IO Interactive, said that Colorado is “one of the toughest episodes yet,” so it’s safe to say that this one’s going to take a lot of hard work to crack.

I can’t wait to start formulating a genius plan to take out the four targets; Sean Rose, Maya Parvati, Ezra Berg and Penelope Graves, who each possess specialist skill-sets such as environmental terrorism and chemical interrogation. Unlike the targets in the previous four episodes, it seems as if these four people will be able to fight back against 47 if he’s discovered, which adds another element of danger to this already hectic level.

There will be 70 challenges, and completing these will unlock new gear. IO has teased four of Colorado’s unlockables on social media. There will be an emetic poison syringe, a retractable baton, a meaty-looking RS-15 silenced assault rifle and finally an electronic lock bypass device.

‘Freedom Fighters’ will reward players with important story revelations which will finally shed some light on what the hell’s been going on, and it promises to set the season up for an epic finale.

It may just be the most dangerous mission of Agent 47’s career, and it’s available to download on Tuesday 27th September.

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