Gorillaz Announced as Headliners For Boomtown 2018

Image Source: Fist in the Air

Boomtown has a storied history of booking some amazing headliners, and in recent years they’ve outdone themselves again and again. This year though they’ve really stepped up, even by their already lofty standards. Gorillaz, the world’s foremost animated band and the greatest legacy of Damon Albarn (yeah I said it) are descending on the UK’s maddest town in 2018. God. Damn.

Since the release of Humanz earlier this year the band have been touring extensively, even going so far as to headline their own festival over the summer. Some more sceptical individuals might wonder if the fact that 2018 is a fallow year for Glastonbury has anything to do with this huge headline announcement, but even if that is the case, who cares, this is a match made in heaven.

Boomtown released the news earlier today with a video featuring a mashup of footage from last year’s fair and clips from the band’s recent output, aptly demonstrating how one coalesces with the other. What remains to be seen is exactly which other artists will support Gorillaz during their Boomtown appearance. They typically arrive at shows flanked by a cadre of supporting artists, and for a show like this the story will undoubtedly be the same. My money’s on Little Simz.

The full Boomtown lineup announcement is coming on February first and as with last year, district lineup news will start dropping on a weekly basis starting on February 8th. Keep a weather eye on CV for regular updates about how the festival is coming together.

Tickets are shifting fast, so head here to grab one before they go.

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