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Giant Dragon Quest Statues Erected In Japan


The Dragon Quest franchise is huge in Japan. Like, really, really huge. The series has sold over 64 million copies worldwide, and most of those sales happened in the Land of the Rising Sun, where the fantasy RPG series flies off shelves at a regular basis.

With the series turning 30 this year, the country is in the midst of a celebrating, with one of the more unusual festivities being the construction of a 2 meter tall statue of the series’ signature Slime monster, and 9.3-meter statue of the boss King Slime. Built out of straw by a team of volunteers at Gyōda City in Saitama Prefecture, both of them will be on display until March 26, 2017.

Two of the latest entries in the series have both achieved commercial success. Dragon Quest Builders, sold 700,000 copies in Japan within its first five months of release, whilst the second Dynasty Warriors mashup, Dragon Quest Heroes II, sold 228,460 units in just two weeks. So the franchise certainly isn’t running out of steam and will likely continue to dominate sales charts in years to come. Now if only Square would release Dragon Quest X in the west…

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