Gears 5 Adds Free Batista Bomb Execution


Gears 5
Gears 5

The Coalition recently released the Season 3 update for Gears 5, which adds a brand new mode in the form of Gridiron, along with new playable characters, maps and a host of other additional content. However, they’ve also added a sweet new execution: the Batista bomb.

Former WWE powerhouse and current Hollywood actor Batista, real name Dave Bautista, was available as a free skin for Marcus Fenix for those who played Gears 5 around the game’s launch. Big Dave has famously pitched in the past to play the lead in a Gears of War movie, but so far appears to have been unsuccessful. I guess the next best thing is to be added to the game instead, huh?

The execution is based on Batista’s finishing move, a massive powerbomb aptly titled the Batista Bomb. Of course, this version is a little bit more explosive than the regular version, with the enemy breaking into a million pieces upon impact. The execution is tied to the Gnasher shotgun, so once you’ve downed someone, equip your shotgun and start dropping bombs.

The execution is available to anyone who plays Gears 5 between now and April 18th, so be sure to boot up the game, claim your execution and sing “I Walk Alone” as loud as possible down the microphone, much to the enjoyment/annoyance of anyone in your game. Will you be returning to Gears 5? Have a read of our review and let us know in the comments below.

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