Fortnite’s May 2019 Revenue Down 38% From Last Year

It's probably not the end of Fortnite, but it's still an interesting statistic.

Omega Fortnite

According to a report for May via SuperData, despite being the largest generator of players spending habits on consoles, Fortnite’s revenue has been steadily declining. In fact, compared to just how well it performed in May 2018, this year has seen the revenue of the Twitch-favourite drop by a hefty 38%.

It certainly looks like this is indicative of a larger trend, though, as SuperData also reported that while consumer spending digitally amounted to $8.7 billion across PC, consoles and mobile, it still represents a 4% drop when compared to the same time frame last year. What may come as a surprise, however, is the solid performance of PUBG, which has maintained consistent sales.

SuperData estimated PUBG had sold around 4.7 million units so far in 2019. As PUBG is a paid title, opposed to Fortnite and Apex Legends which are both free-to-play, this is definitely an encouraging sign for the Royale game.

Neither Apex nor PUBG found themselves in SuperData’s report of top ten grossing titles worldwide, but it will be interesting to see if PUBG can carry on its sales in the latter half of the year, and also if Apex Legends can re-emerge as a contender as it heads towards its second season in July. Fortnite keeps itself interesting by reinventing its map and gameplay each new season, so it’ll be intriguing to see what Epic Games will do in response to Fortnite’s notable drop in revenue for season 10.

The very nature of the gaming industry is one that sees many peaks and troughs. One minute, FPS games are all the rage, the next, it’s a new horror game that all those YouTube personalities cannot get enough of (for about a week, anyway). You may have noticed recently then that Battle Royale games have been quite popular. 2018 was basically dominated by them, and you simply could not call yourself a “true epic gamer” unless you had at least 30 Victory Royales to your name. My time will come. Any day now.

Is Fortnite’s stranglehold on the Battle Royale genre coming to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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