Fortnite v8.40 Leaked Skins: Space Bunnies, Air Royale Pilots & More



With Fortnite currently in downtime as its v8.40 patch is deployed, you best believe leakers have wasted absolutely no time in piecing together upcoming content in the form of leaked skins, back blings, wraps and more.

Bear in mind: these skins being found today does not mean they will be in the game tonight or even soon; so many leaked Fortnite skins have taken their sweet time to find their way into the game. Remember Onesie?

The first (and coolest) leaked Fortnite skin from v8.40 is this space bunny skin, which is giving me some pretty hard flashbacks to a Dreamcast game and I don’t know why. All of these were found by Hypex.

Fortnite Space Bunny 1

What’s also interesting is that this skin also has a dark variant.

Fortnite Space Bunny

And it looks like they will get their own pretty adorable back bling, too.

Fortnite Bunny Back Bling 1

Fortnite Bunny Back Bling 1

Next up, we have the Pilot Skull set, which according to leaks should be available as soon as downtime as over. No news on price or rarity.

Fortnite Pilots

And finally, for what feels like the fifth time, we have another look at the Inferno set, which should be coming whenever it feels like it apparently.

Hypex twitter inferno skin

Which is your favourite skin of the bunch?

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