Fortnite V4.2 Introduces New Burst Rifle And Apples

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Ahead of the release of Fortnite v4.2, Epic Games have released the patch notes for what is now basically the biggest game in the world. It’s interesting what we have to look forward to, that’s for sure.

The most notable of the new introductions is the new Burst Assault Rifle, which will be available in Epic and Legendary form. Metal Gear Solid fans will recognise it as a FAMAS and it does 32/33 damage (Epic/Legendary). Consider how easy it is to rip through enemies with the standard bursts, this new weapon could be absolutely lethal.

Elsewhere, the most notable introduction is probably unexpected. By foraging for apples throughout the trees on the map, you can gain health with each apple replenishing five health until you reach maximum health. Sounds strange, but if you’re just coming out of a hellish build-fight with no meds, an apple a day could keep the lobby away.

Other notable additions include the ability to auto-pickup weapons on PC and console, changes to sound from above and below, C4 finally becoming viable with stat changes, and the suppressed submachine gun not being quite as terrible.

Here are the crib notes from Fortnite’s V4.2 patch. For all the notes, including Save the World, check them out here. At this time of writing, Fortnite is currently unplayable as the servers are down for the upgrade to v4.2.



Added Epic and Legendary Burst Assault Rifles.
– Can be found in Floor Loot, Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
– Does 32 / 33 damage (Epic / Legendary).
– Uses Medium Ammo.
– Uses the same damage fall-off ranges as other Assault Rifles.

Added a new foraged item: Apples
– Consuming an Apple will grant 5 health (up to 100).
– Can uncommonly be found around certain trees throughout the map.
– Impulse Grenade drop rate has been increased by 5%.

Suppressed Submachine Gun
– Damage increased by 3.
– Common is now 20 (was 17).
– Uncommon is now 21 (was 18).
– Rare is now 22 (was 19).
– Increased Accuracy reset speed by 25%.
– This will decrease the penalty during continuous fire.
– Increased Damage fall-off range.
– Fall-off begins at 28 meters (was 24 meters).
– Damage reduced to 85% at 47.5 meters (was 80% at 35 meters).
– Damage reduced to 75% at 70 meters (was 65% at 50 meters).
– Damage reduced to 65% at 250 meters.

Damage Trap
– Decreased Damage from 125 to 75.
– Reset Time decreased from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.

Remote Explosives
– They will now damage all structures within range, whether or not they are visible from the explosion center.
– Damage radius and throw distance have been increased.
– Delay between sequential explosions has been reduced from 0.25 seconds to 0.175 seconds.
– Delay before detonating a charge or throwing another one has been reduced from 0.75 seconds to 0.15 seconds.
– Removed the delay between swapping to a grenade and the ability to aim it.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where Remote Explosives could destroy the meteor in Dusty Divot.
– Assault Rifles no longer appear to eject multiple bullet casings per shot.
– Fixed an issue preventing players from using the Launch Pad when multiple players activated it at the same time.


Added ‘Auto-Pickup’ option for pickups on PC and consoles.
– This will automatically pick up Weapons and Consumables when walking over them (as long as inventory slots are still empty). They will be placed in the next available inventory slot.
– This option can be enabled in the Settings menu.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where Turbo Building would stop if you pressed another button before releasing the other.
– Fixed an issue allowing players to bypass weapon equip times after canceling a consumable use animation.
– Players can no longer crouch through the vents of the research facility in Dusty Divot.
– Fixed an issue causing door prediction to get stuck and make it so a player could never open doors.
– Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect displaying of selected cosmetic items in the lobby.
– Patched up a hole in the terrain near Lucky Landing.
– Fixed an issue that made chests appear to be unopened when they have already been looted.
– Fixed an issue allowing player to sprint at full speed in a section of the Loot Lake water.


Improved overall server performance.
– The server tick rate has been increased from 20 to 30 updates per second.
– This allows for more responsive movement and shooting, and reduces effective ping times for all players.
– Network bandwidth has increased slightly.

– Improved material loading by 2x, which should help buildings and characters stream in faster and reduce hitching.

– Fixed large hitches that occurred when certain cosmetic items were encountered for the first time in a match.

– Improved framerate when using Hop Rocks by optimizing its particle effect.

– Fixed remote players appearing to jump far too high when their connection went bad or there was a server hitch.


To help differentiate between above/below footstep sounds, we’ve added an additional layer to steps that are above you based on the surface type.
– Wood has creaks, Stone has crunches + gravel noises, and Metal has rattles.

– Lowered the volume of the weak points that appear when harvesting 🔈.
– Boosted the volume of Grenade Launcher explosions to more closely match volume of other explosions 🔊.
– Improved how wind fades out prior to landing when using a glider.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue that would cause audio to cut out on elimination.
– Fixed an issue that would cause a spectated player’s footsteps/jumps/lands to sound like they were to the left/right if they were moving, especially when looking through a scope.


– Emoting in the lobby can now be triggered by clicking the right analog stick.
– Added an emote button to the bottom of the screen while in the lobby.
– Nvidia Shadowplay Highlights now defaults to off (PC only).

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue that prevented map input from working while spectating.
– Fixed an issue where teammate map indicators wouldn’t display during a match.
– Fixed an issue that prevented the consume timer from displaying while consuming a Hop Rock.
– Fixed an issue that caused the trap placement UI to display while looking at surfaces that do not allow trap placement.
– Fixed an issue where the minimap arrow wouldn’t display properly while spectating a player.


Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue that allowed Sprays to affect objects that moved (player-worn bush, soccer balls, etc.).
– Fixed an issue that caused Battlehound’s pants to clip through his tunic when running.


Bug Fixes
– Fixed issue where Eliminations wouldn’t show up in the Replay browser.


HUD customization added.
– This is version 1.0, we’ll continue to build this out.

– Added an optimization that limits the number of Sprays rendered at once.

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