Fortnite Season 9: Desert, Snowy & Grasslands Race Track Locations

Vroom vroom.

Fortnite Race Tracks 1

Fortnite Season 9 enters Week 5 and the spread of challenges are a little more inspired than the previous weekly offerings. Nothing too crazy, but enough to compete with the Fortbyte system’s more interesting challenges for a change. Of these challenges, the most involved is a multi-stage challenge that requires decent knowledge of older map features.

This is a multi-stage challenge which means you can only complete one race track per life. The order of the stages goes: Desert race track > snowy race track > grasslands race track. All of the race tracks will have vehicles (Ballers, Driftboards, Quadcrashers) in close vicinity, if not right at the track’s starting line for players to use. As long as you’re one of the first players there (by landing directly at the starting line or otherwise), the competition for a vehicle shouldn’t be too fierce.

The act of completing a lap is actually ‘scripted’, you can’t just jump into your vehicle and drive around the track and complete the challenge. Instead, you need to jump into your vehicle and head to the starting line (indicated by an actual checkered line and lap time board), and once you’re there the countdown will begin. Once the light goes green, you can drive past the starting line and blue transparent rings will appear around the race track. These act as checkpoints and you need to pass through one to ‘unlock’ the next one. If you miss a checkpoint, you can’t complete the lap and therefore, the challenge. Put succinctly, the starting light must go green before you can continue.

Below is a map with the desert race track circled in blue, the snowy race track circled in green and the grasslands race track circled in red.


Race Track Locations

Fortnite race track locations

As you can see, all the race tracks exist as far away from each other as is reasonably possible. Luckily, being a multi-stage challenge, it doesn’t matter much as you’re required to start a new match for each track anyway.


Desert Race Track

Fortnite race track locations 1

This is the oldest race track, the biggest, the most well known and definitely the best paved of the three race tracks. Located on the eastern edge of the map where the grassland and desert biome bleed into each other. Very, very visible from the main map, situated north of Paradise Palms, east of Mega Mall and south of Lonely Lodge. It occupies I6, I7, J6 and J7 on the main map’s grid.

This one will take a few minutes to complete, lots of twists and turns compacted onto the area, so hope there isn’t anyone around trying to snipe people completing the challenge.


Snowy Race Track

Fortnite race track locations

The newest race track of the trio, capturing that snow rally feel. Visible from the main map, but barely. Located in the southwestern corner of the map, situated west of Happy Hamlet, south of Polar Peak and southeast of Frosty Flights. C9 on the main map’s grid.


Grasslands Race Track

Fortnite race track locations 2

The middle brother of the three race tracks, going for that ‘dirt bike’, impromptu aesthetic. More visible on the main map than the snowy track, but still a little bit difficult to find if you don’t know what to look for. Situated in the northwest corner of the map, located east of Junk Junction, north of Pleasant Park and west of The Block. It occupies C2 and C3 on the main map’s grid.

Unless you get unlucky and have an aggressor around shooting everyone trying to complete the challenge, you should get this done in the three games required. That’s all there is to it, you don’t need to complete the laps at any specific pace or timing, just make sure you hit every checkpoint to finish the lap then leave/finish the game and head to the next. Today’s weekly challenges also accompany Fortbyte #61, which requires you to have a decent amount of the free pass unlocked, which these weeks challenges may help with.

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