Fortnite Season 7 Vaults Chillers, Double Barrel Shotgun & More

With Fortnite Season 7 due to launch soon, we can expect a whole bunch of vaulted items to change the experience.

Fortnite Double Barrel Shotgun

Each new season brings a host of new changes with it. Some of them are adding things to the experience, such as new cosmetics and even mechanics, but the most significant tweaks are arguably what they take out of the game. It’s fair to say that most can agree with their decisions this time out.

Here are all the items that have been vaulted for Fortnite Season 7, which means that they are now unavailable but may return one day with some tweaks.

Here is everything that is being removed, courtesy of the patch notes:

Shadow Stones
Double Barrel Shotgun
Shockwave Grenade

The only real surprise here is the Clinger grenade, which has been a staple of the game for a long time and is always good for a laugh. The Chiller makes sense as it’s terrible, the Shadow Stones were a seasonal item, the Port-a-Fort is a temporary obstacle at best, and the Double Barrel Shotgun has always divided opinion but there are now too many shotguns in the game to keep it.

I’ll miss the Shockwave Grenade most. How about you?

Fortnite Season 7 is due to start once the game returns from downtime after it starts at 9AM GMT.

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