Fortnite: Where To Find The Kamehameha Mythic

Dragon Ball Kamehameha

“Famed Ki attack of the Kame School and one of Goku’s signature techniques. Charge up and release a massive beam of Ki energy.”

Fortnite and Dragon Ball’s monumental crossover as part of Chapter 3 – Season 3 brings with it an equally monumental amount of content, including the Kamehameha Mythic.

The Kamehameha is perhaps the most famous move across all of anime, it originating from the Kame School and being shouted into existence across many episodes of the franchise. And, if you can believe it, it’s a weapon in Fortnite that works similarly to Iron Man’s chest ability for Chapter 2.

The Kamehameha Mythic can most easily be found by buying it from Bulma, who is situated at Kame House, a new Landmark in the east of the map based off of the iconic house from the anime. Here’s where it is on the map.

Kame House Bulma
Kame House Bulma

Bulma usually has a stock of two Kamehameha Mythics that she sells for 250 Gold Bars apiece. She also sells the Nimbus Cloud for 150 Gold Bars.

The Kamehameha Mythic does a lot of damage to both players and builds. It hits players for an initial 100 for the first hit and then continues to do significant damage per second after, while it also deals around 200 or so damage to builds and continuous damage thereafter. The beam lasts for three seconds, and there is a fifteen second cooldown once fully used.

There’s no doubting that the Kamehameha Mythic is a very powerful tool to use in Fortnite, especially in Zero Build when there’s almost no avoiding it. Your only option is to Kamehameha someone else before you get Kamehameha’d.

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