Fortnite: How to Unlock Peter Griffin

Fortnite is not a serious game.

Family Guy
Family Guy

If you needed any more proof that Fortnite isn’t a game that you should not be taking very seriously, how about the addition of Peter Griffin as a skin? The Quahog patriarch has been rumoured to be coming to the game since 2021, and now at the tailend of 2023 with the launch of Fortnite: Chapter 5 – Season 1, we’re finally getting our very cursed wish.

To unlock Peter Griffin in Fortnite, players must first purchase the Chapter 5 – Season 1 Battle Pass, which costs either 950 V-Bucks or a subscription to Fortnite Crew, which also gives you additional V-Bucks on top but is a monthly subscription.

Once the player has bought the Battle Pass, they then have until the end of the season to reach Level 70, which can be done by spending Battle Stars. You earn Battle Stars by generally playing the game and completing quests, though you can also purchase almost the entirety of the Battle Pass outright by spending extra V-Bucks.

There are also additional cosmetics for Peter Griffin that can be unlocked by spending Battle Stars, including Brian as a back bling. However, the neatest back bling has to be Clip Show Carry-All, which features moments from the show and was first leaked way back in 2021.

Players can also unlock Gold Plated Peter Griffin as bonus reward later on in the season.


Fortnite Peter Griffin Cosmetics

Fortnite Peter Griffin
Fortnite Peter Griffin

There will be three different styles for Peter Griffin in Fortnite: his regular style, opening credits top hat style, and the aforementioned gold style. It’s worth noting that all of these styles are a muscly form of Peter, which apparently came about from some medicine given to him by Meowscles as shown in a hybrid short. Fortnite!

You can check out all of the Peter Griffin cosmetics in the embed down below.

Now that Family Guy is in Fortnite, the list of skins we won’t get in Fortnite is surely getting shorter and shorter. We’ve had no shortage of animation skins in Fortnite in the past, so now it feels like The Simpsons isn’t all that impossible.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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