Fortnite 2’s Mythic Goldfish Has Finally Been Found (UPDATED)

This game's weirdness never ends.

Fortnite 2

One of the biggest additions to Fortnite 2 has been one of its most wholesome: fishing. With a fishing rod in-hand, players can cast their line to reel in fish, weapons, and, erm, tin cans. There’s a decent array of fish to discover, but there’s one that evaded everybody until just recently: the Mythic Goldfish.

A catch seemingly so rare that players didn’t even believe it was part of the game just yet, the Mythic Goldfish had been hinted at by leakers thanks to challenges and achievements. A Reddit user, unfortunately for him, proved that the Mythic Goldfish is indeed in the game by dying to one.

I was eliminated by a mythic goldfish! I thought it wasn’t in the game yet! from FortNiteBR

As you can see, BlakeBenbow kind of asks for it by dancing on his opponent like it’s 2018 before a golden flash fills his screen and he dies after taking 90 damage; the maximum is 200 with a Mythic Goldfish.

The fish isn’t actually a fish, rather a golden statue. It makes much more sense for a heavy object to do serious damage than a fish, which you’d imagine would be about as effective as Magikarp in reality.

Here’s its leaked model via iFireMonkey.

Fortnite Mythic Goldfish

There’s no telling how rare the Mythic Goldfish is or if it spawns in one spot more than most, but considering Fortnite 2 has been here for nearly a week and this is the first recorded instance of it, it must be super rare indeed. It’s of the Mythic in-game rarity, which has previously included the Infinity Blade so it makes sense that players aren’t finding it much at all.

Fortnite is an increasingly wacky game, a battle royale that couldn’t be further from the serious nature of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds if it tried. The overall silly nature of it has actually helped it to stand out over the last two years, it reaching millions upon millions of players each week right up to the end of its first chapter.

With Fortnite: Chapter 2 (we’re just calling it Fortnite 2) now underway, there’s no telling what kind of madness Epic has up its sleeve.

UPDATE: here’s a video of the goldfish in action.

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h/t: Eurogamer

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