Fortnite 2: Chapter 1 – Jump A Motorboat Through Different Flaming Rings

Flamin' heck.

Week 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 is here and with it brings the usual 10 (plus a secret one) challenges in the form of the ‘Dockyard Deal’ mission. Like all the previous missions this season, Epic has been dropping some solid content for us, with this week being no different.

This article focuses on the ‘Jump a motorboat through different flaming rings’ challenge, which is actually a rehashing of a fairly old type of challenge that replaced motorboats with ATVs and Biplanes. This is the fourth challenge of the mission and as such requires you complete at least a single challenge before you can attempt it.

To complete this challenge, you’re required to fling your boat off a ramp and through the flaming hoops that will be scattered around the map’s rivers and waterways. So you’ll need to procure a boat (of which there are many spawns along both the waterways and other locales) and then drive it through the twists and turns of the rivers before launching yourself through a flaming rings like a circus performer. You’ll need to jump through three different flaming rings, which can be done over as many matches as you like.

Below is a map with all the flaming ring locations we’ve discovered circled in red.


Fortnite Flaming Ring Locations

Fortnite Flaming Rings

Most of the flaming rings tend to hang out around the centre of southwest regions of the map. Flaming rings themselves also tend to exist in very obvious places that would have a ramp. For example, the Boat Launch or waterfalls, which tend to form natural ‘ramps’ for you to send your boat temporarily into the air.


Flaming Ring

Fortnite Flaming rings 2

This is what you’ll be looking to launch your boat through. You need to be reasonably accurate when passing your boat through the ring, needing to get at least most of the boat’s girth through the empty air inside the ring. You’ll find flaming rings at B6, C7, D7, E5, F6 and F4. Some are easier than others to make the jump with thanks to a more generous approach angle or lower altitude ring.

Once you’ve passed through three different flaming rings, you’ll have completed the challenge. This will unlock more challenges in the Dockyard Deal mission as well as a significant glut of XP and cosmetic rewards tied to the Dockyard Deal mission.

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