Why For Honor Is My Most Anticipated Game of 2017

For Honor
For Honor

For Honor made its debut at E3 2015 and I remember sitting on the bus to work watching the reveal trailer and immediately getting drawn into it. Whilst catching up with E3, Ubisoft showed us some of the awesome multiplayer gameplay and I knew then that I needed this game in my life.

The idea of For Honor is a simple, yet appealing one. You can play as three different factions based on some of the most well known and efficient warrior classes to have ever walked the earth: Knights, Vikings or Samurai. Each of the factions have four different warrior classes and they also have their own campaign mode. But there are a couple of things about this game that really have made it stand out for me.

Many of my friends have said to me that this is just going to be a prettier, hard hitting version of the Dynasty Warriors series, which was well known for its button mashing, but I must disagree. For Honor’s gameplay is based heavily on the brand new ‘The Art of Combat’ fighting system.

In a nutshell, ‘The Art of Combat’ system offers a lot more strategy to the player and drags them away from button mashing. You must be able to read what your opponent is doing and use the right thumbstick to adopt a stance and either block their incoming attacks or find a weakness in their defence. Although some people may be raising an eyebrow to this, I think it is a brilliant idea, but I have my concerns that this may take a while to figure out whilst playing the game, though it will give the impression you are fighting a battle within a battle and no two opponents are going to be the same.

Another thing that makes me want For Honor is just how damn pretty it looks. Each battle is brutal and visceral with NPC’s dying all around you and the environment changing with every siege bombardment. Ubisoft have taken their time to get this right and not only do you have the other playable characters to worry about, but you also have the little NPC characters that wander around the battlefield like ants.

I managed to get myself into the closed Alpha before I started writing for Cultured Vultures and boy, was I impressed.

The game looked amazing and was a lot more impressive than it had any right to be. The combat system, although a bit difficult to wrap your head around at first, made the game amazing after I had mastered it. With the closed Beta just around the corner, and with a chance of me getting another crack at it, I am really looking forward to For Honor. If I am allowed to have a crack at the Beta, I will let everyone know what it’s like.

However, I have a couple of nags that keep cropping up. The game is developed by Ubisoft, and we all know their track record both with releasing broken games and also for their love of DLC and I am worried that I will miss out on this game because I will have to pay extra for additional content that should be in the game. I also have concerns that the game will be released broken.

Only time will tell.

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