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Here Is Your First Look At Iron Fist

At long last, we’ve seen some Iron Fist. The fourth and final full series Netflix commissioned from Marvel way back in 2013 has reportedly been close to being scrapped at points if rumours are to be believed. Now though, the show has its very first teaser trailer.

The thing which stands out most is how easy it is to understand this show’s story without the trailer telling you anything. You could tick a checklist of superhero tropes off from this trailer alone, all of which need no explaining to a generation of TV viewers who’ve learnt them by heart. There’s a plane crash, dead parents (probably), the orphaned hero, a mysterious organisation of monks who raise him and finally a return to a city he no longer recognises. It’s a bit of Batman Begins’ League of Shadows crossed with Daredevil‘s dead parent situation.

Anyway, who’s our hero this time? Well, Danny Rand is a missing billionaire who returns to New York after years studying Kung Fu. At some point he ends up at what looks like a mental hospital, but of course his Iron Fist powers make escape inevitable.

Rand is played by Finn Jones, better known to most of us as Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones. Expect this to be Marvel’s answer to Arrow, only with a more deliberate story arc and Kung Fu instead of archery.

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