FIFA 22: How To Get More FIFA Coins In FUT

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FIFA 22 FIFA Coins
FIFA 22 FIFA Coins

FIFA 22 is now finally out with millions of players across the world diving into its many modes. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is without a doubt its most popular mode though, with many players already on the FIFA Coins grind.

FIFA Coins, not to be confused with FIFA Points, which can only be purchased with real money, is a kind of currency in FIFA 22 that can be used to buy players and packs, among other things like cosmetic items for your stadium. You can only earn FIFA Coins by playing FIFA 22 naturally, so there’s quite a lot of grinding to do for you to unlock more.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together some FIFA 22 tips to help you get more FIFA Coins in FUT, hopefully helping you to build the squad of your dreams without spending an extra penny.


Complete Objectives

FIFA 22 Objectives
FIFA 22 Objectives

Objectives are basically little challenges within FIFA 22 that reward you with either packs or FIFA Coins for completing them. Objectives are far and away the best way of getting FIFA Points in FIFA 22 when you first start out.

There are lots of Objectives within Foundations in FIFA 22 that are very simple to complete, and they range from simply scoring a few goals to just changing the name of your club.

Here’s a selection of easy Objectives to complete for FIFA Coins in FIFA 22:

Co-Op: Play with a friend (100 FIFA Coins) – 500 FIFA Coins for completing all objectives in Co-Op
Competitive Play: Play Division Rivals (100 FIFA Coins), Win 2 Rivals (100 FIFA Coins), Division 9 (500 bonus coins for 5 matches) – 100 bonus FIFA Coins for completing all within Competitive Play
The Basics: Positioning (150 FIFA Coins), Club Name (150 FIFA Coins), Top Up – Contracts (150 FIFA Coins), Top Up – Managers (150 FIFA Coins)
Chemistry: Green Link (150 FIFA Coins), Perfect Link (150 FIFA Coins)
Chemistry Advanced: Reach 85 Chem (150 FIFA Coins)
Transfer Market: List an Item (150 FIFA Coins), List 10 Players (250 FIFA Coins), Buy 10 Players (250 FIFA Coins) – 500 Bonus FIFA Coins for completing all Transfer Market Objectives
Squad Building Challenges – Learn the basics of squad building (150 FIFA Coins)
Single Player: Play TOTW (150 FIFA Coins), Play 5 Battles (500 bonus coins for 5 matches) – 500 Bonus FIFA Coins for completing all Single Player Objectives
Friendlies: Friendlies (100 FIFA Coins), King of the Hill (150 FIFA Coins)

There are roughly 9150 FIFA Coins available in FIFA 22 just from completing the Foundations objectives. That’s just about enough to put together a competitive squad to take online, though you won’t be able to buy many high quality players at all.


Finish SBCs

Fifa 22 SBC
Fifa 22 SBC

SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) are basically mini-puzzles where you are asked to use your unwanted cards to build a temporary squad that will give you a reward upon completion. There are some basic ones as default, but EA also add rotating ones as well that are typically based on upcoming fixtures in the real football calendar.

Completing some of the SBCs can give you FIFA Coins, but they aren’t all that common. Instead, you should see SBCs as a good way of getting new packs that might have high value cards that you can sell on the market for lots of FIFA Coins. There’s loads and loads of challenges to get through, so make sure you’re dipping into your club and actually make use of the cards you’d never play.

Also, SBCs are the best way of getting rid of untradeable cards and sort of getting something in return.


Squad Battles

Fifa 22 Squad Battles
Fifa 22 Squad Battles

Squad Battles in FUT are against AI opponents who are using real players’ squads. The more you play, the better rewards you will unlock after each weekly competition is over. Players get 40 matches in Squad Battles to play each week, including some special featured battles usually against a “guest” squad, like someone famous or a Team of the Week (TOTW).

Not only are Squad Battles a great way of earning coins in the long run, but you also get a good amount of FIFA Coins for playing in every match. The higher the difficulty, the more FIFA Coins you will get back. If you’re looking to get better at the game without losing your mind against the average FIFA player and also earn some easy FIFA Coins in the process, Squad Battles is where you should be.

Quick Sell Your Stadium Junk

Fifa 22 Stadium
Fifa 22 Stadium

If you complete your Objectives and just generally open packs, you should have a whole load of stadium cosmetics to equip that will give your stadium a personal touch. It’s a neat way of making FIFA feel more like yours, but there’s only so many tifos and badges you need.

Quick sell any stadium stuff you aren’t using to earn at least a couple of hundred FIFA Coins each time, though you may want to put badges for the big clubs (like the Premier League) on the transfer market for a few thousand FIFA Coins. You can also get a lot of money for certain kits and even random anthems, believe it or not.

If you’ve not even looked at your stadium items yet, check it out ASAP — you’d be surprised just how much stuff you will have to sell. Also, while not technically stadium stuff, be sure to sell off all the Manager League cards you get a couple of in each pack.


Study the Transfer Market

Fifa 22
Fifa 22 market

The transfer market is by far and away the best way to earn yourself some FIFA Coins in FIFA 22, though don’t expect to get hit after hit. You should also hang onto some of your cards for SBCs, do don’t just sell any rare card that you get straight away.

However, once you have a good understand of the kinds of cards players want and get plenty of luck with packs to get those cards, you can turn a huge profit with FIFA Coins. Sometimes even the most unexpected cards are worth a lot of FIFA Coins.

While you should expect the likes of Mbappe to sell for millions because he is basically a cheat code, there’s still plenty of profit elsewhere. For instance: Marcos Llorente is “only” 86, yet he goes for 100,000+ FIFA Coins on the market. Meanwhile, Barcelona’s Dembele, who is only 83, will also go for around the same amount of money.

Watch some content creators who specialise in the transfer market and you should expect to make huge amounts of FIFA Coins in FIFA 22 in no time.

FIFA 22 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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