The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid – Metal Gear Revived with a VR Mission?

Image Source: Game Informer

The past year or so has been really rough for Metal Gear Solid fans.

Konami ousted Kojima along with his team, the franchise looks to have died with MGS V and a fan reboot of the iconic 1998 PlayStation original, in Unreal Engine, was shut down.

Konami must really not want us to be happy people at all. The franchise is legendary, just like Big Boss. I’m a huge fan of the Metal Gear saga and I won’t hesitate to admit I may even be a total Kojima fanboy.

I feel every fan has the right to carry forth the legacy he set; we can’t let the soul and core of the game just end, especially with the controversy that effectively ruined MGS V’s ending. Even with that in mind, it was still an awesome game – probably my favourite in the series – despite it lacking in some areas.

So, now those same fans who’ve had their reboot grounded have fought back with what seems like an amazing idea. First off they’ve managed to reel in David Hayter to voice the whole affair and now instead of playing through the game shooting guards, you explore famous locales in full VR goodness.

To those that have played the series: When VR is mentioned alongside Metal Gear, it strikes up memories of shooting glowing shapes. In fact, Metal Gear’s own perception of VR is pretty similar to what has been released so far for the likes of the Vive and Oculus Rift. Hideo must tell us where he got his crystal ball from.

If these fans can however pull off making a virtual memoir of Shadow Moses, voiced by David Hayter, I’ll be getting a loan and throwing it at a Vive headset. Though it’s about time the fans of the franchise had some good news to look forward to, like that godly gruffly voiced Solid Snake.

Just don’t hold your breath though. Right now, there’s a little ‘!’ above somebody’s head at Konami HQ. They could, and let’s face it, WILL get stroppy about their precious IP and close this down. Again.

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