Everything We Know About Matt Reeves’ The Batman So Far

The main question on everyone's mind is: will he glitter in the sun?

Unless you have been under a rock, or vacationing in a place with no WiFi, you would have heard the news that Robert Pattinson is our new cape crusader. This news rattled the internet, and gifted us with tons of glorious memes in the process. Pattinson has stayed out of blockbuster movies since his glittery vampire days, choosing smaller movie projects that allowed him to stretch his acting range.

It is movies like Good Time that put him on the map for Reeves, who was looking for a younger Batman. Screenrant reports that the story will be built around a Batman 30 years of age, and mentioned in another article that the narrative will not be an origin story. The narrative will drop us right smack with a Batman who has been wearing the bat-suit for a while, though still far from having everything figured out. While initially thought to be a standalone film, Matt Reeves informed us via Twitter that it is now a trilogy, using three bat emojis to represent the three-picture deal.

According to THR, Pattinson’s selection came down to the wearing of the bat suit. It makes sense since the actor playing Batman needs to be convincing in the costume. Bale had to do the same when he was auditioning for Nolan’s Batman. This pivotal moment swung things in Pattinson’s favour, with Nicholas Hoult, the other actor in the running, not quite measuring up.

The movie will begin filming in December to early next year, with rumours abound of the villains being familiar foes Penguin and Catwoman. The rumour mill also suggests that Robin might make an appearance. All the buzz about Reeves’ movie and casting just shows how obsessed we still are about the Batman narrative. Perhaps it’s because he is the most human and fallible superhero we have from D.C, with a backstory that is compelling and relatable (in a broad sense).

While we wait for Reeves vision to hit the screens, the new Joker movie coming in October will just have to keep us occupied till then.

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