EA FC 24: 5 Best Tricks to Play Like a Pro

EA FC 24
EA FC 24

Using the best tricks on the virtual pitch of EA FC 24 can be a game-changing aspect that will lead your team to dominate both parts of the field. Skill moves are relatively easy to perform, and most are straightforward.

This comprehensive guide will explore the best tricks for EA FC 24. Whether you are a seasoned player looking to fine-tune your skills or a newcomer eager to get a new rank in Division Rivals, we have you covered.


Trick #1: Ball Roll

How To Do It: Hold the right analog stick to your player’s right or left side.

The Ball Roll is a 2-star skill move, but no guide talks about the best EA FC tricks without mentioning this skill move, as it is more dangerous than 90% of the 5-star tricks in EA FC.

Although some players consider the Ball Roll an attacking trick, it can be used not only in 1v1 situations and attacks. Players can effectively utilize Ball Roll with midfielders and defenders to get more space for passing.


Trick #2: Ball Roll Drag

How To Do It: Hold the L1 / LB buttons and flick the right analog stick forward, then left or right.

The Ball Roll Drag is a new skill move in EA FC 24. It requires players to have 4-star Skills, which is excellent as you can use Ball Roll Drag almost with every attacker. Use it when you are at the edge of the box and want to cut inside for a goal-scoring opportunity. And if you need more info about Ball Roll Drag, read our extensive guide.


Trick #3: Flair Nutmeg

How To Do It: Hold L1 / LB with R1 /RB and flick your right analog stick

Known as the most ridiculous skill move, Flair Nutmeg is a must-to-use for everyone in EA Sports FC 24. The trick has high-speed animation, so your players will push the ball like crazy while performing it. Our step-by-step Flair Nutmeg guide tells you why EA Sports might fix Flair Nutmeg soon.


Trick #4: Reverse Elastico

How To Do It: Flick your right stick half a circle starting from the end and ending on the right of your player

Being extremely powerful in FIFA 23, Reverse Elastico keeps the position of one of the best 5-star skill moves in EA FC 24. It can be performed way faster than classic Elastico, which makes Reverse Elastico an excellent option for any attacking situation.


Trick #5: La Corqueta

How To Do It: Hold L1 or LB, then hold the right analog stick to your player’s right or left side. Ensure your player is not moving while using La Corqueta.

While not the most popular skill move ever, La Corqueta is an interesting trick with thousands of fans on the virtual pitch. There are some situations in which this trick can be effective, especially if you like cutting inside the box from the wings.

To make the best of using these tricks, try to cancel a shot before using them. This can make you more unpredictable, which is the main point of using skill moves in EA FC.

EA Sports FC 24 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, and Switch.

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