E3 2018: Gang Beasts Finally Coming To The Xbox One

Gang Beasts

In the chaos of E3, this news might have slipped under the radar, so allow us to bring it into the spotlight: Double Fine have announced that their insanely popular physics brawler Gang Beasts will finally be heading to the Xbox One later this year.

Nothing else has been confirmed about the Xbox One version of the game, save for the fact it’s finally happening, but if Double Fine is reading this, we wouldn’t say no to some Halo, Gears or Killer Instinct themed outfits. Just saying.

If you’re yet to see the delights that is Gang Beasts in action, do yourself a favour and type the game into YouTube. What will follow a deep hole of physics based hilarity never before seen in gaming. It’s incredible, and Xbox players should be very excited.

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