E3 2016: More Info About Pokemon Sun and Moon Revealed

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Like many other Pokemon fans- I was eager to find out more about Sun and Moon; and what a plethora of information we got! We got in fact, a play through of the first steps of the game, revealing two new Pokemon! We saw:

Pikipek – a woodpecker Pokemon
Yungoos- a mongoose Pokemon

Which adds to the other announcement of Nekkoala and Iwanko this week. Still no final evolutions for the starters as of yet.

Speaking of starters- could the staffs choice of the widely slated Popplio in the demonstration be an attempt at good PR? It could be an attempt to save face for the little guy, who has been getting a lot of flak online.

Covering the slew of new features in this single article would be tantamount to impossible, But we saw a little of the battle gameplay, showing some new information useful to the trainer; clearly an evolution of the 6th gen games. we also found out a little more about the Alola region; Pokemon are very much part of the smaller community culture on the islands, with the people celebrating them in festivals. The elements shown were presided over by the new Pokemon professor, Prof. Kukui, and an individual known as Hala, denoted only as a “very strong trainer” (could this be the Pokemon league champion?). We also saw a battle with our rival, Hau, in which some new menu mechanics were revealed, navigation of which seems to be much more streamlined and quick. Pokemon animations have also been made more natural to the movements of the animals they echo, giving each an element of unique character.

The developers alluded to the islands of Alola being isolated enough to have unique Pokemon on each, perhaps drawing inspiration from Australia and Galapagos, along with the more obvious Hawaiian connection. Also revealed, was that one of the islands in the region was man made.

There is an exciting new battle mode, called Battle Royal, a free-for-all mode in which the first person to knock out all of an opponents Pokemon is the winner!

All in all- very exciting. Catch more news as it develops!

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