E3 2015: Square Enix Conference

For decades, Square Enix has been the go-to developer for anything RPG-related and one of the few companies that binds the USA and Japan together with its games. In more recent years, titles such as Tomb Raider, Hitman, The Deus Ex franchise and the newer Just Cause series also proudly carry the name Square Enix.  At the forefront of its franchises is Final Fantasy, the series renowned for its amazing graphics, gripping storyline and unforgettable characters.

Sadly, Square did not showcase Final Fantasy 15 at E3 2015 but maybe in the coming days we will have more news. Today’s Conference however, a 1st in many years for Square, exploded at the seams with newer games and newer entries to existing franchises. Square even announced the creation of a new video game Studio called Tokyo RPG Factory and they are hard at work on a new IP called Project Setsuna and will be out around 2016. With all these releases and press news it’s easy to get lost in the torrent of information. So here is a list of all the upcoming releases and projects that Square is hard at work on.


Just Cause 3

I LOVED the first Just Cause and its sequel was much much better with its multiplayer mods and larger landmass. The third boasts a larger area of over 400 square miles of pure destruction and mayhem. There are more than 80 vehicles ranging from Jets to monster trucks to tanks all at your disposal.

You have the usual arrangement of weapons: C4, LMGs, and pistols but with new customization options from completing various challenges. The grappling hook is back but now we can shoot multiple hooks, adjust the tension and control them as well. The wingsuit is a new addition and with the improved parachute, all your air to ground destruction needs are met. “Set the world on Fire” December 1st across all platforms.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Set in 2029 2 years after Human Revolution, Jensen is back and the future of Augmentations looks bleak, as now the meta-humans are forced into ghettos and slums. The game sports a new engine bring even the smallest details to life. This story driven action RPG from Eidos Montreal promises to deliver more and will be shaped by the player’s in game decisions. A new and improved Jensen sporting new weapons and abilities, such as the Nano blades, will go toe-to-toe with the secret organization of the Illuminati. It will have a cross-platform release in 2016.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

More in the style of the previous entry, our young budding explorer Lara Croft is back to grace consoles again. Rebuilt from the ground up, including the larger ornate temples to small details like pores and eyelashes, it’s presented in a stunning view. The studio is still embracing the human and realism side of gameplay. Her body still sports scars from her last game and her clothes and environment will be effected in real time from the elements and combat. The phrase they used was “Micro-Details” as you can see the finer details on every surface. The locale is unknown for now, but developers promise to “put the tomb back in Tomb Raider”. Xbox gets first dibs on November 10 and it is to be released on other platforms by the year’s end.


Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Japan already had the news of this release a few months back and we finally get to see it in action stateside. It promises to be more of a JRPG and less of a movie with various types of cinematics that seamless intertwine with gameplay and combat. Displaying stunning locales and a party based Action RPG set up, tri-Ace, the company behind the game, promises an old Japanese style rpg for the next gen. Japan once again gets in 1st with its release in December 2015 but us in the US and Europe get to “Traverse The Stars” in early 2016


Mobile Games for Phones and Tablets

Square is ready to take on several markets at once and looks to dominate the Mobile gaming market with several games. First up is Kingdom Hearts Unchained, an RPG already available in Japan. It offers a link to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 storyline and is played in the traditional turnbased RPG style. Lara Croft Go is a turn based adventure game inspired by Tomb Raider, offering a dynamic soundtrack and challenging gameplay. Hitman Go is done in the same style as well and also there is Hitman Sniper and action based tablet shooter, and speaking of Hitman…



Simply titled “Hitman”, the creative assassination simulator is back offering a living world of ever changing hits and assignments, created by the community and developers. The game will have constant updates and tweaks for balancing and unleashing the full potential for a more detailed and populated world. The difficulty is ever changing and there is no wrong way to get your kills, with various approaches and disguises at your disposal.

Be careful though, as some hits will come and if you fail to hit them, they will never appear again. Every space matters, make it count. Hitman will be released December 8 across all platforms.


Nier: New Project

Pulling talent from the previous last gen entry, Tekken and other Platinum games titles, the RPG sleeper hit finally gets a sequel. To be released on the PS4, there is no other news offered besides the fact that the game is in development with more details to follow.


Final Fantasy 7

The long-awaited return of arguably the best RPG ever released finally gets an HD Remake. Its looking less like a re-skin and more of a total from the ground up next-gen experience. More details are to follow this winter. In other FF7 news, the IOS gets its hands on the original version this summer with it soon arriving to the PS4 this winter.


Kingdom Hearts 3

Long time coming doesn’t even begin to describe how long fans have waited for this game. Today, Square showed off some new gameplay and two brand new characters who have yet to be named. The demo showed off familiar foes in unfamiliar places with a grander scale. Sora the protagonist was seen sporting some new clothes and with a vast array of abilities that seem to dwarf those in previous titles.


World Of Final Fantasy

This is a game the developers wanted any and all gamers to enjoy. It brings together many of the familiar faces and enemies from the Final Fantasy Universe and puts them in a brand new setting and introduces a new playstyle as well. It looks adorable as the characters are modeled in chibi style and promises a deep and involving story for anyone. Due out 2016 on the PS4 and Vita.

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