Dying Light: Bad Blood Free To All Dying Light Owners

No matter which platform you own it on.

Bad Blood

Can you believe it’s almost been five years since the release of Dying Light? To celebrate this landmark achievement, Techland have announced that they will be giving away free copies of the spin-off game Dying Light: Bad Blood to everyone who owns the original game, and that includes anyone who purchases the game in the future.

Bad Blood was a PvPvE battle royale-esque game that utilised Dying Light’s focus on parkour and melee combat. 12 players are dropped into a map and must find loot and compete with other players, but there are a few key twists to keep the formula fresh.

Players must collect blood samples from infected hives, and once enough samples have been collected, a helicopter arrives. Once the chopper is in play, the player with enough samples must try to escape while all surviving players must unite to stop them. Unfortunately, only one player can escape, so any alliances you’ve made will have to be broken in order to win.

In order to claim your free copy, you need to head to the Dying Light Dockets website, make an account and link your Steam, PS4 or Xbox One account. If you own the base game, you’ll be given a free copy of Bad Blood on PC, which should be enough to distract you from Dying Light 2’s unfortunate delay.

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