Dying Light 2: How To Claim Pre-Order DLC

Dying Light 2 Pre-Order
Dying Light 2 Pre-Order

As a AAA video game releasing in 2022, it should be no surprise that Dying Light 2 offers players pre-order DLC with skins available for both Aiden and Lawan in the Reach for the Sky and Reload packs. But how do you claim your pre-order DLC in Dying Light 2?


Dying Light 2: Pre-Order DLC Packs

Here’s what’s in each pre-order pack for Dying Light 2:

Reach for the Sky by Rosario Dawson
– Reach for the Sky Paraglider Skin for Lawan and Aiden
– Reach for the Sky Backpack Skin for Lawan and Aiden
– Reach for the Sky Crossbow Skin for Lawan
– Reach for the Sky outfit for Lawan

Reload skin pack
– Reload outfit
– Reload renewable weapons
– Reload paraglider skin

The Reach for the Sky pack has cosmetic only items that do not affect the game, though the Reload pack does have items that change gameplay. Bear in mind that you only play as Aiden, not Lawan.


How To Redeem Your Dying Light 2 Pre-Order DLC Packs

It’s important to remember that redeeming this content entirely depends on your platform. If you bought the game physically, you should have a slip within the case with a code or a separate email from the retailer that you can redeem on PlayStation or Xbox storefronts.

If bought digitally, the content should automatically be applied to your game, though keep an eye on your email for a code to redeem at techlandgg.com/redeem, where you may need to connect your other platforms to your TechlandGG account.


How To Claim Your Dying Light 2 Pre-Order DLC Packs

Dying Light 2 Pre-Order DLC
Dying Light 2 Pre-Order DLC

Once the content has been redeemed, then you have to claim it in-game.

To do so, players must simply go to their stash, which is this symbol on the map.

Dying Light 2 stash
Dying Light 2 stash

You should come across your first stash after roughly half an hour of gameplay. You can later find stashes all across Villedor at safe zones. Nightrunner Hideouts are numerous, but you can also access your stash at Metro Stations.

Once in your stash, find the Reload renewable weapons in the main section, then go to Extras and start applying the skins from the Reach for the Sky and Reload pack. Equip and unequip any skins whenever you like.

Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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