BOOK REVIEW: ‘Dream Treehouses’ by Laurens, Dufour, Andre and La Cabane Perchee

Dream Treehouses
Cover art for Dream Treehouses
Image from the Publisher’s Site

For some, the idea of living in a treehouse is equated to bliss. There’s always the image of a beautiful treehouse, next to a clear ocean, with sand, or maybe even in a jungle. It’s something that makes the imagination of anybody who wants to ditch civilization salivate. Luckily, thanks to the photographs by Jacques Delacroix, we don’t have to imagine anymore.

This large book of beautiful pictures would make the perfect addition to any coffee table. Even if you’re not one for polite conversation while guests wait, when lying back on the sofa this can be your escape mechanism for imagining that you’re on a vacation.

This wonderful book doesn’t simply rely on the outside aesthetics, however, and as you turn through these pages you get to see the interiors of the treehouses. Each of them shot so beautifully, it seems as if the photographer was waiting for the perfect moment in time to take the shot. Accompanying the images across the page are the text descriptions, as well as quotes that makes the audience feel as if they’re in that treehouse themselves. The writer managed to go above simply stating what there was, and in the small parts they wrote, dotted around the book, they crammed heart into every word.

Another element to this book is the specifications, designs and types of treehouse. It doesn’t simply rely on the stunning aesthetic, and shows you an insight into how these beautiful marvels of design are made. Even if resources are out of the question, it does help instil a little bit of hope that anybody could be making and living in their own treehouse.

Dream Treehouses is a book that captures real life, but simultaneously hooks the imagination. If you’ve ever dreamt of being somewhere out of what you thought was possible, then this book is for you. The book should come with a disclaimer, however, because after flicking through the wonderful pages, you’re cursed with always wanting to live much higher up, in a place that makes you feel like you’re king of the world around you.

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