Can You Use Discord On PS4 & PS5?



Discord is one of the best platforms you can use to chat with your friends across multiple devices, allowing you to talk in cross-play lobbies without having to resort to the typically terrible in-game chat. But is there a Discord app or something else that you can use on your PS4 and PS5?

The short answer is no, you cannot use Discord on either PlayStation console at this time of writing. While there are some incredibly long-winded workarounds to sort of set it up, they invariably require you to have your PC on, at which point you may as well just use the PC, and some expensive mixamp.

Instead, your best bet is to probably just use the Discord app on your mobile device to listen to voice chat, though that itself won’t be perfect.


Will Discord Ever Come To PlayStation?

There’s been no real news on Discord officially coming to PS4 or PS5, but the likelihood is fairly low.

Sony are rarely keen on integrating with third-party services, and Discord represents a fairly high security risk, especially if younger players use it and end up in a community they shouldn’t really be a part of because their age.

However, Sony should really look into some kind of solution or Discord alternative, especially with how much popular cross-play is becoming. In-game chat usually lacks the clarity and customisation required, so here’s hoping that they’re cooking something up for the future.

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