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Demon Lord, Retry! is an isekai fantasy anime adaptation which follows the story of Akira Ono, the creator of an MMORPG called Infinity Game. Just as he is about to shut down the servers of his game for good, he is instead brought into a fantasy world, possessing the body of his avatar Demon Lord Hakuto Kunai. Wielding unimaginable power, Kunai travels across this new land, meeting companions and foes new and old while trying to discover why he was summoned to this world.

Adapted from the ongoing series of light novels written by Kurone Kanzaki and illustrated by Kōji Ogata and Makoto Iino, Demon Lord, Retry! Season 1 may be another isekai among hundreds, but this show knows what it is, leaning into the tropes of the genre, such as an overpowered main character and a plot line that is peppered with ecchi scenarios. That, plus the father-daughter relationship Kunai has with Aku is refreshing and the rock soundtrack is pretty good. The last episode of Demon Lord, Retry! Season 1 concluded by saying “To be continued”, so Demon Lord, Retry! Season 2 should be in the works, right?


When Is Demon Lord, Retry!: Season 2 Being Released?

Despite being hinted at during the end of season 1, there is no official news on the release date for Demon Lord, Retry! Season 2. Outside of rumours and hypothesising from fans, neither studio Ekachi Epilka, the original creators of the light novel, nor Crunchyroll have said anything about the show’s continuation or cancellation.


What Is Demon Lord, Retry!: Season 2 About?

Demon Lord, Retry!: Season One adapted the first two volumes of the original light novel, so we can presume that Demon Lord, Retry!: Season 2 would adapt volumes three and four. Volume three of the Demon Lord, Retry! Light novel series follows Kunai’s adventure north to the city of Rookie as he tries to find an anti-magic solution with his village continuing to develop in his absence, while volume four sees Kunai and his companions getting closer to the mystery of Ono’s summoning, as well as Luna discovering that her long lost friend, who she was told had been executed, may still yet be alive.


Which Studio Is Making Demon Lord, Retry!: Season 2?

Demon Lord, Retry! was animated by studio Ekachi Epika, with Crunchyroll licensing the property outside of Asia and Madman Entertainment in Australia. If Demon Lord, Retry! Season 2 does come out, this is likely to continue barring any major changes.


Where Will Demon Lord, Retry!: Season 2 Be Aired?

While it may be a long time before we get any more news of the future of Demon Lord, Retry!, the first season is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation. You can also get the light novel series of Demon Lord Retry and the manga adaptation illustrated by Amaru Minotake from retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Rakuten Kobo.

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