Deathloop: How To Play Online

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While primarily a single-player game, Deathloop also features online elements with other players able to ruin your game and vice versa.

To play online in Deathloop, you must first have made a little bit of progress in the story, roughly equalling about an hour or two. Online play in Deathloop becomes available after finding the LPP as part of the The Longest Day mission.

Once that’s done, online will become available, but make sure you change your status in the top-left of the game’s lobby screen between missions.

There are three different modes of play in Deathloop.


Single Player Mode

Deathloop Single Player Mode
Deathloop Single Player Mode

As the name suggests, you will only be invaded by AI Julianna in this mode. You will also be able to pause the game.


Friends Only Mode

Deathloop Friends Only Mode
Deathloop Friends Only Mode

Only your friends on your platform of choice will be able to invade you in this mode; there’s no cross-play in Deathloop. You cannot pause the game.


Online Mode

Deathloop online mode
Deathloop online mode

Your game will be open to invasion by anyone trying to play as Julianna on the same platform. You cannot pause the game.

Bear in mind that you will only be able to play with others on the following maps at specific times:

Morning – Karl’s Bay
Morning – Fristad Rock
Noon – Updaam
Noon – Fristad Rock
Afternoon – The Complex
Evening – The Complex
Evening – Updaam

Don’t forget that you can fast forward time periods while playing as Colt to get to a specific time of day.

Playing online in Deathloop is totally optional, but you aren’t getting the full picture if you don’t at least give a try. Plus, if you’re playing as Julianna, you get to unlock free skins for both her and Colt just for playing (and hunting).

Deathloop is available on PC and PS5.

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