Dead Island 2: How To Unlock Guns

Dead Island 2 Guns
Dead Island 2 Guns

As a fairly faithful sequel to the kind of experience the original game provided, Dead Island 2 is a very melee-focused game, with players able to attach all kind of things to weapons to make them more powerful and bludgeon zombie heads more grossly. As good as swinging around baseball bats and knocking heads off can be, sometimes you just want a firearm so you don’t have to keep getting up close and keep using all your stamina up. Well, Dead Island 2 does have guns, but they’re not available from the outset and you will have to make some progress through the game first.

To unlock guns in Dead Island 2, players must complete the Justifiable Zombicide mission, the tenth story mission overall. It might take players anywhere from 5-10 hours to get to this point in the story depending on how much they explore Hell-A, but nothing up to here is too tough to get past.

In the mission, you will meet up with Sam B in Beverly Hills and visit a gun collector’s house, where you’ll find a Sporting Rifle, a semi-automatic weapon that is best used at range. Your job is to then clear the garden of zombies, including a Screamer. If you’ve watched or played anything with zombies in before, you’ll know to aim for the heads to get critical damage.

After you’ve finished Justifiable Zombicide, guns will now be unlocked and start showing up in the world as drops and occasional treasure. They’re quite varied too; here’s just some of gun types we came across during our playthrough:

– Pistol
– Machine Pistol
– Nailgun
– Revolver
– Shotgun
– Sporting Rifle
– Burst-Fire Carbine

There are also various ammo types to be found in Dead Island 2, including:

– Nailgun Cartridge
– Shotgun Shells
– Rifle Rounds
– Heavy Rounds

New guns can be found as quest rewards (be sure to help Curtis in his mansion early on in Bel-Air to eventually earn an amazing weapon), random drops throughout various zones, or even bought from traders on occasion.

Players can upgrade weapons at workbenches to level match them and also attach various mods and perks to give various handy boons, including status effects like fire damage and electricity. You can even craft ammo yourself if you have the blueprint (usually purchased from traders) by visiting a workbench, but bear in mind that almost all of them require Gunpowder, which is quite the commodity. You’re typically better off just buying straight from the trader.

By the end of the game, you should feel very overpowered with your arsenal with just how effective your guns can become, but there’s arguably still something a bit more satisfying about using the vast selection of melee weapons.

So yes, Dead Island 2 does include a wide selection of guns for you to unlock — you weren’t just disarming those traps and getting Shotgun Shells for nothing early on.

Dead Island 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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