Dead by Daylight: Alien – Perks, Price, Release Date & What You Should Know

Alien DBD
Alien DBD

One of the best things about Dead by Daylight is the varied and constantly growing roster of killers and survivors. There’s an excellent backlog of licensed DLCs for the game, chronicling some of the most iconic characters in the horror canon. Now, the sci-fi horror giant that is the Alien franchise is being welcomed into the fold. Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about the Dead by Daylight: Alien chapter, including details about the new map, killer, survivor, brand new game mechanics, and when the chapter releases.


Nostromo, the Xenomorph, and Ellen Ripley Join Dead by Daylight

We first received news of this chapter’s arrival via a teaser trailer posted on the Dead By Daylight official YouTube channel on 1 August. The content of this teaser was fairly elusive and left the community with a host of questions about this upcoming release. While we got a brief glimpse of the Nostromo ship, the Xenomorph, and even Jonesy there was no indication of who the survivor for the chapter was going to be. But of course, it had to be fan-favourite hardened hero Ellen Ripley. Thankfully, her inclusion as the survivor in Dead by Daylight: Alien was confirmed in a trailer and press release that broke today.


Dead by Daylight: Alien Xenomorph Power, Perks, and Mori

DBD xeno
DBD xeno

The Xenomorph’s unique Power, Runner Mode hinges on its stealth. While in use, it walks on four legs and has its Terror Radius reduced considerably. Meanwhile, its primary attack will involve swinging its sharpened tail. As of now, there is no confirmation on what the Xenomorph’s perks and Mori animations will be.


Dead by Daylight: Alien Ellen Ripley Perks

Ripley DBD
Ripley DBD

Each survivor in Dead by Daylight has three perks which, while specific to them, can be present in other survivor’s bloodwebs once they are prestiged. There’s no confirmation as of yet of what Ellen Ripley’s three teachable perks will be. However, the press release emphasises attributes of Ripley’s personality like her “resilience” and her position as an “invaluable ally” to any survivor group. This could suggest the inclusion of an endurance perk, and a perk which centres altruism.


Dead by Daylight: Alien Remote Flame Turret

This chapter will introduce a tool for survivors to employ in their fight to escape. The Remote Flame Turret can nly be used when in a match against the Xenomorph. It can be collected by interacting with Control Stations, which will be present on any map while you’re facing the Xenomorph. When placed by a survivor, the Turret can stun the killer and interrupt their unique Power. However, the Turret can be destroyed by the Xenomorph or overheat, after which it has to be repaired by the survivors.


Dead by Daylight: Alien DLC Price

While not yet confirmed, expect the DBD DLC to cost roughly about the same as the Resident Evil chapter that launched in 2021, which set players back $11.99/£9.99/1,500 Auric Cells and came a charm, two new survivors, and a killer. As there’s only one survivor in the Alien DLC, it may cost slightly less. We will update this when we know for sure.


Dead by Daylight: Alien Release Date

The Public Test Build is available today (August 8th), meaning you can get a taster of this exciting crossover right now on Steam. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until later this month to rack up bloodpoints with the Xenomorph or Ripley on your account.

Dead by Daylight: Alien will be ready for purchase on August 29th, 2023 on Steam, Epic, Windows, Xbox One/Xbox Series, PS4/PS5, and Switch.

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