Dauntless Season 5 Week 4 Hunt Pass Challenges – Shock The System

Dual wield lightning and thunder.


Last week’s Hunt Pass challenges for Dauntless were incredibly easy, so you’d think I’d have done them easily, right? Wrong. It’s kind of hard to keep up with weekly challenges and a gaming convention that’s constantly spewing out news, so I didn’t. I didn’t even have time to collect the daily deathmarks. Thankfully, this week’s challenges are just as easy.

As usual, each challenge will net you 150 Heartseekers, which equates to a level-up and a half on the Hunt Pass. With four challenges, that’s a total of six level-ups each week, not including the Heartseekers earned from collecting Deathmarks in Ramsgate or from breaking Behemoth parts. Here’s week 4 of Dauntless’ Hunt Pass challenges.


Dauntless Week 4 Hunt Pass Challenges

Furious Bombardment – [Slay 10 Behemoths using War Pikes or Repeaters] Shocking Display – [Slay 10 Behemoths using Shock Weapons] No Surrender – [Slay 10 Behemoths using Repeaters or Axes]

Like last week’s challenges that allowed you to knock out 3 challenges in one go using a Blaze Sword, this week’s challenges can be done via adding a Storm Barrel to your Repeater loadout, which turns your guns into a shock weapon. Furthermore, this loadout will make it easier to take on Terra Behemoths, so use it to your advantage.

Whirling Mayhem – [Slay 10 Behemoths using Chainblades or Hammers]

Pretty self-explanatory this one. Pick your favourite Chainblade or Hammer and head out into the Shattered Isles with murder in the eyes and an intent to unlock the next Hunt Pass tier, and you should have this last challenge knocked out in no time.

And that’s this week’s challenges. If you’re a new player just getting into the world of Dauntless, be sure to check out our tips that’ll help new players succeed.

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