Could The Forest Be Getting A Sequel?

The Forest game

Recently, I’ve been really sinking my teeth stuck into cannibalistic survival game (and nightmare fuel) The Forest. You may remember this game received a lot of attention a few years ago when it launched into Early Access with a terrifying trailer seeing you take on a group of flesh chewing mutants. It was also a shining example of Early Access done right, with developer Endnight putting a countdown to the next update right there on the title screen.

I’ve been playing The Forest for well over 40 hours, mostly just pottering around and building the base of my dreams, not realising the game becoming significantly harder the longer you survive, with eight legged-multi-vagina’d freaks jumping me when I come out of menus. So I decided it was time to stop lollygagging and take on the task at hand, rescuing my lost son, Timmy (in the game).

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Timmy is the young boy taken at the start of the game by a red-painted tribesman and carried off into the night. I won’t go into the process of how I rescued the young tyke, but I will tell you about the ‘epilogue ending’. A second ending for the game catches up with Timmy, now all grown up. He’s seemingly an alcoholic, struggling with the malevolent evil that resides within him.

On the wall in front of him is a series of indecipherable scribbles and notes along with a map of a second island, titled ‘Site 2’. Could this be a clue to Endnight’s next title? Personally, this game is easily the best single player survival title available on Steam, so I’d love to see a sequel sooner than later. However, nothing has been confirmed by the developer at this stage, and there’s a chance that this second island could merely be DLC.

Over the past few years of Early Access, The Forest has sold upwards of 2,000,000 copies and received its full release on Steam in April 2018.

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